[Pmwiki-users] RSS 1.0 feed ?

Carlo Strozzi carlos
Wed Aug 6 03:08:25 CDT 2003

I took a look at "scripts/rss.php", and I was thinking og having an
equivalent "scripts/rdf.php", to produce RSS 1.0 as opposed to RSS 2.0.
It should be trivial, but since I'm already quite busy with the italian
localization I was wondering if anyone out there had the same need and
wanted to have a go at it. The only tricky part of RSS 1.0 is that it
has a "table of contents", but apart from that it should be possible to
model it after rss.php quite easily. An example of RSS 1.0 wiki is at
http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?action=rss For those who don't know,
rss1.0 isn't an "older version" of rss2.0, but rather a different XML
application (RDF-based, much better IMHO).

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