[Pmwiki-users] pmwiki-0.5.15 released

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Mon Aug 4 17:38:22 CDT 2003


I've just released PmWiki 0.5.15, which introduces a couple of substantial
changes that are worth knowing about.  Some of the changes *almost*
warrant moving to a 0.6.x release, but I'm fairly confident that upgrading
to this version should not negatively impact any existing installations.

First, the new release adds support for WikiWord#myanchor and
{{free link}}s#myanchor markup, which creates a link to a destination
anchor within a wiki page (created using the [[#myanchor]]).  The old
ThisPage:#myanchor syntax will of course continue to work, but the new
syntax seems more intuitive.

A few reasonably substantial changes have been made to pmwiki.php to
support various language and other translations.  Starting with 0.5.15, 
$...Fmt variables can specify strings as "$[some phrase]", and the 
FmtPageName() subroutine will replace these with an appropriate 
translation for "some phrase" if one is available, otherwise it just 
uses "some phrase" directly as if the "$[...]" wasn't present.  This 
makes it very easy to perform language translations and other similar 
customizations without having to redefine the contents of entire 
$...Fmt variables.  More details on the implementation of the
translation system will be coming in a subsequent message.

A fixperms.php script has been added to the scripts/ directory--
this script can help automatically restore ownerships and permissions on 
files in the wiki.d/ directory.

Finally, a note about the timing of upcoming releases:  As I said
above, although I don't expect it, some of the changes in this release do
have the potential to significantly impact some existing installations.
And, I expect to make at least one of two more releases with some
other changes in the next few days, and I expect this release will
cause other PmWiki developers to make improvements in Cookbook scripts.
So, if stability is very important to you--it might be worthwhile to wait
a few days to see if any new releases are made.  

On the other hand, if you're at all interested in the internationalization 
efforts or in the above features, I highly recommend upgrading to 0.5.15
to help with the review/evaluation/internationalization effort.

As always, questions, comments, and critiques are welcome.


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