[pmwiki] Re: [Pmwiki-users] pmwiki localization ?

Bernhard.Weichel@t-online.de Bernhard.Weichel
Mon Aug 4 04:41:44 CDT 2003


after beeing out for a while I am back and I noticed the discussion about
pmwiki localization.

I appreaciate the approach with respect of pmwiki generated text. This
should be complemented by a proper approach for translation of wiki pages.

I downloaded i18n.tgz and saw that different approaches were followed with
respect of page translation:

    changing the group
    changing the pagename
    useing another wikilib.d

I had translated some pages by attaching a "DE" to the page name. But now I
feel we should follow the approach to have a wikilib-<lang>.d which takes
the translations. This would allow to adjust a proper search sequence e.g.

SDV($WikiLibDirs,array($WikiDir,"wikilib-de.d", "wikilib.d"));

As long as not all pages are translated, this approach falls back to the
original version provided the original pmwiki (by Patrick).

It should even be possible to do a proper translation update management,
perhaps by maintaining time stamp and a link to the matching english page.

I don't think it is a good idea to rename the pages or the wiki groups
unless we have a proper naming scheme which is supported by PmWiki (see also
the page fallback discussion).


it is not possible to deliberately refer to a page in a particular language.
In particular it does not allow to refer to the matching english page. This
would require some sort of page fall back.

as the translations are only differentiated by the directory the files might
be messed up.


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