[Pmwiki-users] new files for italian

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Sun Aug 3 10:12:08 CDT 2003

On Sun, Aug 03, 2003 at 04:45:05PM +0200, Carlo Strozzi wrote:
> Patrick,
> I have made some minor improvements to the current italian localization
> files. At the same time I have renamed wikilib.d/PmWikiIt.Cerca into
> wikilib.d/PmWikiIt.CercaWiki , to better reflect the fact that the
> search operates across the whole wiki, not just inside a particular
> section of it. Attached are the changed files. I'm planning to do
> more translations soon, like the help text and that. 

Excellent!  Grazie!  

> I suppose
> that renaming files around is something to be avoided, so I'll
> try and not make it happen again :-)

Yes, it's better to be avoided but it's not too hard to deal with
nor is it worth agonizing over--one can simply change the old page 
to redirect to the new one.  See, for example, 
http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/PmWikiIt/Cerca, which now redirects to 
your new CercaWiki page.  

In fact, I did a similar thing for AiutoWiki--rather than have 
lang-it.php point directly to PmWiki.WikiHelp, I changed it to 
point to PmWikiIt.AiutoWiki and set that page to redirect to 
PmWiki.WikiHelp.  Then, whenever someone comes up with an Italian
translation for AiutoWiki, they can simply enter new text for 
AiutoWiki and we don't have to modify or update the lang-it.php code.

> If you want me to upload changes directly to the PmWiki
> site rather than posting them to the list just let me know.

For changes to wiki page content (such as CercaWiki) it's much easier 
for me if they're made directly on the pmichaud.com site.  Feel free to
modify pages within the PmWikiIt group (or other language groups) as
you think appropriate.

For changes to the lang-xx.php files, since we have several languages
simultaneously in development I think it's probably easier for me to
coordinate the changes here, at least for now.  Thus for changes to a
lang-xx.php file, you and others can either just send me a message 
saying "change this to that", patches, or updated lang-xx.php files 
and I'll merge them into the Cookbook distribution.  It's easy for me 
to do because I have a small script that I use to automatically build 
i18n.tgz from the lang-xx.php files and the language-specific pages 
on pmichaud.com.

As the i18n efforts mature (which is happening quite rapidly!) I'll 
probably find a way to hand off the updates for others to manage.


P.S./N.B.: For those who aren't familiar with the term, "i18n" is
a common abbreviation for the word "internationalization" (or
"internationalisation" in much of the Commonwealth).  The abbreviation 
comes from the observation that there are 18 letters between the "i" 
and the final "n".  :-) 

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