[Pmwiki-users] how to add a syntaxe highlighter ?

garfield_fr garfield_fr
Sat Aug 2 16:55:45 CDT 2003

I have a function :

function FormatPhp($text){
    return highlight_string($text);

and I want to hightlight a code write in a page ...

by exemple the source in wikipage is :

!!This is a source code in PHP

function AFunctionInPHP($param){


where [[php ... ]] is the markup of php code source.
 I set :
$DoubleBrackets['/\[\[php ([.*\n]*?)]]/e'] = 'FormatPhp("$1");';

but it does'nt work ...how I do it ???

Eric (aka GarfieldFR)
webmaster at codedb.fr.st
(sorry for my poor english)

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