[Pmwiki-users] WikiDocRoot ?

Carlo Strozzi carlos
Fri Aug 1 05:24:39 CDT 2003

as I mentioned earlier on this list, I use pmwiki in a CGI-based setup.
Currently the program does a lot of things relative to $ScriptUrl,
assuming that everything is located under that path. Several add-on
packages also look for their own stuff relative to $ScriptUrl. But when
the target object must be accessible directly to the web server, i.e.
without going through pmwiki.php, you need to specify the explicit url
in possibly several places and files (the pmwiki logo and the upload/
area, for instance).

For the above reasons, I propose to introduce the new $WikiDocRoot
configuration variable (which will default to $ScriptUrl), where
the sysadmin can set the necessary url. For instance, in my setup
I have:

*  ~/cgi-bin/pmwiki.sh

   this is the actual CGI program, a simple shell wrapper that "knows"
   where the actual PmWiki is installed.

*  ~/public_html/pmwiki/

   this is the part of my pmwiki installation that the web server has direct
   access to (that is, where uploads/ is located, and things like that)

So, in my example, the proposed $WikiDocRoot would contain:

*  http://some.server/~me/pmwiki

and this would centralize this bit of information in local.php, rather than
having to hard-code it explicitly in a few other files (redundant definitions
are always a bad thing).

Just a thought. If there is already something in pmwiki that can be used
for this purpose, my apologies (I'm a new user and I am not completely
familiar with the pmwiki program code).

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