[Pmwiki-users] More on attachments

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Sun Nov 24 21:08:54 CST 2002

> I propose the following for consideration: <startwikimarkup>some content%=
>  My thinking goes like this:
> - the text is more important than the style being applied to it, so when =
editing I don't want the style to get in the way
> - the "inverted pyramid" writing style is a pretty good convention -- =
say the most important thing first, the least important thing last
> - so could the style come *after* the text to which it refers?

Interesting idea.  But I'm not sure that it works.  I think most people
think of the style as occuring before the text rather than after.  And
if we go towards content-based markup (as opposed to rendering-based =
then it might make more sense to have the style before the text rather =

I.e., I think that

   %bookreference%  The Mythical Man Month %%

makes a bit more sense than

   {{The Mythical Man Month %bookreference}}

But I'd like to keep the style-after-text in mind while we're still =
to come up with something.  As for me, I haven't had any great revelations
on this front over the weekend.  :-(




   {{bookreference%The Mythical Man Month}}=20

Because if in principle (if not in practice) any markup can have a style =
attached, for example @@jrcontribution%markup is difficult to get right@@ =

!!!helptext%How to write for the web

then I think %style%content%% is inconsistent (why isn't it opening %%?). =
Or would I write:

   @@%jrcontribution%markup is difficult to get right@@

in which case either the first % is redundant or it should be %%%style%=

FWIW, {{The Mythical Man Month%bookreference}} and @@markup is difficult =
to get right%jrcontribution@@ read quite naturally to me!


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