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Davis, James C. jdavis at cob.tamucc.edu
Tue Nov 19 17:18:41 CST 2002

This could be fixed with a new kind of brackets for style manipulation.

{{attributes url.jpg}} renders as <img src="url.jpg" attributes>


{{attributes [[url.jpg]]}} renders as <a href="url.jpg" attributes>[1]</a>

I don't know if this goes against the pmwiki philosophy, but I think it
should be considered.

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Woops!  I found a slight flaw in my earlier proposal:

> ...
> [[attr url]]  	link to url rendered as <a href=url attr>[1]</a>
> [[attr text]]		text rendered as <span attr>text</span>
> [[attr url.jpg]]	image rendered as <img src=url.jpg attr>

Obviously the last one of these can't work, since [[attr url.jpg]]
is really a subcase of [[attr url]] and should be rendered as 
<a href=url.jpg attr>[1]</a>.  But I think it's such a minor case
anyway that it's not worth worrying about and doesn't affect the basic
concept of the proposed syntax.


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