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Davis, James C. jdavis at cob.tamucc.edu
Tue Nov 19 14:06:04 CST 2002

I would have to agree with Glen that the best place to have a list of
possible attachments is on the edit page. The question is, which possible
attachments to list. Do you list all uploaded files, just those for the
group, or just those for the page? Maybe something kind of like the site map
that Isabelle suggested would be good. A site map on the edit page could
show not only attachments, but other pages as well. If it was not embedded
in the edit page, at least a link that would pop it up in a new window would
be good.

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Pm asks:
> So, anyone want to take a stab at where attachment listings 
> should be displayed and what they should look like?  Remember 
> to keep it relatively simple and straightforward if possible!

As a user, I would want to see a list of possible attachments when I
have an edit page open.  I'd like to see a link next to "text
formatting" guidelines that opens *a separate window* with the list of

(Confession: I'm being a bit selfish in this suggestion.  I've been
hankering for a way to make a url open in a new window, but don't have
the ability to produce the code that might make it happen.)

Glenn Blalock

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