[Pmwiki-users] File upload feature discussion

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at sci.tamucc.edu
Mon Nov 18 17:25:17 CST 2002

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, Davis, James C. wrote:
> Proposed solution: associate files with groups only
> This would minimize redundancy, but still make it easy to link files into a
> page.

Perhaps, but I still think that redundancy is a "non-issue" as far as
PmWiki is concerned.  I can't imagine the general user uploading an identical 
image to every page, especially if the wiki syntax gives them a convenient 
shortcut to include/refer to attachments of other pages.  

> It seems the point of the upload feature is mainly to allow images the be
> uploaded right? Maybe pmwiki should examine the file that a user attempts to
> upload and reject it if it is not in a valid image format. 

Although I can imagine that a primary use for the upload is for images,
I don't think that it will be used exclusively for images.  In the cases
I have, I know that it would be used for uploading of PDFs, 
PowerPoint slide shows, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents, to name
a few.  So, PmWiki would not itself limit the file types, although a
site administrator would be able to enforce such limits.


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