[Pmwiki-users] General question about soliciting PmWiki advice

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at sci.tamucc.edu
Tue Nov 5 10:52:17 CST 2002

Over the past couple of weeks I've had a number of really good proposals
for improvements and changes to PmWiki.  Some of these come via the listserv,
others via PmWikiSuggestions on pmichaud.com, and some just come from
personal communications.  In other cases I've had ideas for possible
changes, but want to get feedback from others before proceeding too far
with them.

Recently we've tried holding these discussions using PmWiki itself; but 
several people have remarked that this doesn't work well for them because 
they have to remember to check pmichaud.com periodically for new proposals
and for recent contributions to existing discussions.  Add to this
the fact that wiki doesn't always work well for ThreadMode discussions
with lots of rapid-response branches, and we have a good case for using
a listserv to house the discussions instead of trying to do it through
the wiki.

So, I'm thinking about moving the focus of PmWiki development discussions 
off of the wiki site and into a listserv.  I'm thinking I should just use
the existing pmwiki-users listserv, but my concern is that brief periods
of heavy message traffic might cause folks to leave the listserv, and I
don't want that to happen.  On the other hand, since PmWiki is still in
a development/growing phase (as opposed to being a mature system) there
doesn't yet seem to be strong incentive to split discussions into
separate forums, and there's good reason to keep existing users informed
of new developments as PmWiki continues to mature.

So, anyone have any opinions on this?  How many of you would be chased
off if the traffic on pmwiki-users increased to include development


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