[pmwiki-devel] "This post has been blocked by the administrator" when trying to upload recipe

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jun 16 09:05:45 CDT 2013

The number of the unapproved external links was more than the currently  
allowed (6). This limit is set to reduce the quantity of the spam we have to  

I have created the page and approved the links but we should add a message  
why the post has been blocked, for real people (the spambots don't read  


StefCT writes:
> I've tried to upload a new recipe to the Cookbook (for adding Meetup API
> to PmWiki pages), but all I got was the message "This post has been
> blocked by the administrator". Do you have any idea what went wrong?
> Posting the same content to the Sandbox seemed to work fine

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