[pmwiki-devel] Variables in PmWiki Directives

StefCT stefct4 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 14:08:16 CDT 2013


I've written a simple PHP script to include lists of upcoming events for
a specific Meetup group into wiki pages, parsing JSON output from their
API (example here: http://hack.nylug.org).

I consider turning this into a recipe for PmWiki's cookbook. My idea is
to format the output with custom variables provided within a custom
directive, e.g.

(:meetupinc {Month} {Day} {Time}: [[{Meetup Link}|{Event Title}]] [[<<]]:)

The number of events to be listed would be defined in a separate directive.

My question is: Is there any naming convention that would apply to the
variables for month, event title and the like? Or is there a better way
to go about this in general?



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