[pmwiki-devel] Question about using PMWiki

John Rigdon jrigdon at researchonline.net
Sun Jun 9 07:32:16 CDT 2013

I am working on a "concept" site for writing about the Civil War and am
using PMWiki for the back-end maintenance of the articles.  The idea is to
have a library of elements / articles, images, video, etc. on the war that
may be used as building blocks for telling a story, tracking one man's
experience through the war.

It seems to me that using the Wiki "Print" function to display the stories
is the best way to present the end story while keeping the essential
structure of the Wiki in the background and accessible to my editors and

Eventually the Wiki will contain articles on all 6,000 +/- battles which
occurred in the war and an unknown number of user contributed articles,
photos, videos, etc. which may be "mashed-up" to form a story.

My question regards the use of the print function to display the stories. 
Can you recommend a better way to do this?  Do you foresee potential
issues in scaling this to handle potentially 10,000 elements (or more)
since the universe of soldiers is 6 million men?

A sample story is on line at


When you click on a picture in the story timeline, you will see that it
goes to the Wiki "print" of the page/article.  You can click on the
article heading at the top to go to the Wiki for maintenance of the

Thanks for your ideas / recommendations on this.

John Rigdon

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