[pmwiki-devel] about proposed new LinkPageCreateFmt

V.Krishn vkrishn at insteps.net
Tue Feb 2 05:08:36 CST 2010

    The (HTML) string to output for links to non-existent wiki pages. The 
default is to add a '?' after the link text with a link to the page 
edit/create form. Defaults to 

        <a class='createlinktext' href='\$PageUrl?action=edit'>\$LinkText</a>
        <a class='createlink' href='\$PageUrl?action=edit'>?</a>

Are two same broken links  SEO friendly?

Proposed new format:

        <a class='createlinktext' href='\$PageUrl?action=edit'>\$LinkText<sup 

class='createlink' -  or an another class, this can be decided.

I am aware of methods to change the format of $LinkPageCreateFmt in cookbook 
or config.php, but would it possible to have that as default in Pmwiki, 
maybe with an option  to revert back to old format if its late for such core 
design change.

Not sure, I think similar discussion was done some time back?
Comments and suggestions welcome.


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