[pmwiki-devel] Changing PTV before being populated in PmForm

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Thu Jan 8 22:35:13 CST 2009

DaveG wrote:
> 1] Using markup expressions in the PmForm form defintion. I don't seem 
> to be able to reference the PTV at this point though (I've tried 
> {$$ptv_varname}, {$:varname}):
> (:input pmform target="my target":)
> (:input default source="{*$FullName}":)
> (:input default request=1:)
> (:input default $:entrydate "{(ftime fmt="%d-%m-%Y %H:%M" 
> @{$$ptv_entrydate} )}":)
> (:input end:)
I was on an included page, and so needed to use
  (:input default $:entrydate "{(ftime fmt="%d-%m-%Y %H:%M"
  @{*$:entrydate} )}":)

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