[pmwiki-devel] how to access MatchCount from pagelist

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Fri Feb 13 09:43:44 CST 2009

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 10:34:06AM +0100, Peter Bowers wrote:
> While the math could get a bit inconvenient I think that complexity can
> entirely be hidden within the code and leave the pagelist parameter set
> unchanged...  I guess I'm assuming a page editor is not going to be specifying
> a given "chunk-page" -- they will just indicate somehow within their pagelist
> that they want it to be "chunked" and from there on they will click on a
> link...  Is that right? 

As a page editor or user, I would expect to be able to say "count=20"
and have the pagelist chunking give me 20 results per page.
I wouldn't expect that I'd have to adjust the start/end points
on each subsequent request.

Or, to look at it another way, Google uses a "start=" parameter
to indicate where the next 'group' of results are to begin.
I'd like the same for PmWiki.

> That makes sense to me to have it as a PV.  I think I'd still lobby for
> something related to the already-available $MatchCount or else change
> $MatchCount from FmtV to FmtPV (Or add $FmtPV['$ThisMatchCount'] or the like)
> -- just for consistency's sake.

$MatchCount exists primarily for historical and backwards compatibility
reasons (from a time before we had page variables or template 
substitutions) -- I'd prefer to be moving away from the $FmtV and
not adding more of them or making them "more official".


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