[pmwiki-devel] how to access MatchCount from pagelist

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 19:24:38 CST 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009, 9:01:09 PM, Patrick wrote:

> ...or, if I'm wrong and it's not really possible to get to the matchcount
> easily, you can propose modifications to FPLTemplate() for the core.  :-)

okay, I can't get it to work unless there are some changes.
Here is a code proposal. It introduces a PV $PageListCount,
which works great in a pagelist template to show the total number of
It also introduces a start= parameter, so we can tell pagelist
from which item to start a chunk. If start is negative, it counts
from the end.
If count= is given as well, it will begin at 'start' position for
'count' items.
If start is given and count is given as a range, it gets a bit tricky:
it will start at 'start' and show length of range items.

Here is the code, I include the preceding line and the following code
for the range, which has one change ($PageListCount, since $matches
may have been sliced already) :

 ##  get the list of pages
 $matches = array_values(MakePageList($pagename, $opt, 0));
 global  $FmtPV, $PageListCount;
 $PageListCount = count($matches);
 $FmtPV['$PageListCount'] = $PageListCount;
 ## extract page subset according to 'start=' parameter
 if (@$opt['start']) {
   if ($opt['start'] >= 0)
     $matches = array_slice($matches, $opt['start']-1);
     $matches = array_slice($matches, $PageListCount+$opt['start']);
 ##  extract page subset according to 'count=' parameter
 if (@$opt['count']) {
   list($r0, $r1) = CalcRange($opt['count'], $PageListCount);
   if ($r1 < $r0) 
     $matches = array_reverse(array_slice($matches, $r1-1, $r0-$r1+1));
     $matches = array_slice($matches, $r0-1, $r1-$r0+1);


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