[pmwiki-devel] FmtTemplateVars function

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Tue Feb 10 10:17:50 CST 2009

I agree it seems an unacceptable conflict and probably needs to be changed.

As a workaround I would suggest calling FmtTemplateVars() with only 2
arguments and then FmtPageName() afterwards to handle PVs.  (Of course this
gets into the old security problem of globals again...  Wasn't there a
suggestion a long time ago to add a 3rd parameter "$secure=false" which when
passed as true would not replace globals or some such solution?  But that's
a separate issue...)


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> Subject: [pmwiki-devel] FmtTemplateVars function
> I try to use function FmtTemplateVars in  a new recipe, and finding
> some odd behaviour.
> The function comment reads:
> ##  FmtTemplateVars uses $vars to replace all occurrences of
> #  {$$key} in $text with $vars['key'].
> function FmtTemplateVars($text, $vars, $pagename = NULL) {
> .....
> .....
>   return $text;
> }
> Feeding it a template text with some {$$key} and an array of $vars
> works fine, unless 'key' is a page variable name.
> For instance  {$$Name}  will be replaced by the page name.
> This happens because the function also evaluates page variables,
> which is fine, but expects them in the template with the same syntax
> than the standard replacement variables: {$$key}
> So I think we got a naming conflict, and should really insist on a
> different syntax for page variables in templates:
> I suggest to use either {$PageVar} (like it is used on normal pages)
> or perhaps {$$$PageVar}.
> Making the change in the preg_replace pattern[1] in the function works
> in both cases, in my limited tests.
> I think the first is preferable, as we are all used to it, even
> though viewing the template would mean that these vars are evaluated
> and not just appear as placeholders.
>   ~Hans
> [1] current pattern:
>    $text = preg_replace("/\\{\\$($pat)\\}/e",
>   suggested patterns:
> a)   $text = preg_replace("/\\{($pat)\\}/e",
> b) $text = preg_replace("/\\{\\$\\$($pat)\\}/e",
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