[pmwiki-devel] Templates and value arrays

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Wed Jul 16 18:08:29 CDT 2008

I've created a plugin that grabs pictures from Picasa and shows them on 
a wiki page.

in terms of layout I've wrapped all images in a wrapping div, and each 
image in a wrapper div. My assumption being CSS can handle the layout 
needs. This approach will work fine for images. But I'd also like to 
provide the ability to display the exif, captions, comments, etc.

I think the approach with most flexibility is to create some kind of 
template for the layout, including variables for the various attributes. 
This allows the author to lay out everything, and simple supply the 
template page as a parameter. I would need the ability to iterate across 
images though, which suggests some form of array structure for all the 
additional data.

Is there a template mechanism that I can hook into? Pagelist templates 
look close, but I don't have a pagelist.

The other way to approach this might be to allow the template format to 
be passed into the plugin as a string. This seems to be pretty limiting 
though, and might get a little limiting with vizualization, debugging, 
and passing hooks for the data variables.


  ~ ~ Dave

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