[pmwiki-devel] Pagelist Caching

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Fri May 25 15:00:54 CDT 2007


I can no longer find the thread where you were
discussing some of the new pagelist caching methods
that you were experimenting with and I wanted to add
some general thoughts on your results.

You performed some tests with large pagelists to
evaluate where most of the time is spent and concluded
that a large portion is spent rendering the pagelist,
but I am not sure that is a fair conclusion.  

Primarily, I think that you are considering A)
pagelists that create large result sets but you may be
ignoring B) the pagelists which must scan a large
amount of pages but which only end up producing small

This latter set of pagelists (B) could def. benefit
from any form of caching that occurs in generating the
list in the first place.  In fact, from a user
perspective, optimizing (B) is probably more valuable
since this is the case where a slow pagelist
generation is more noticeable and annoying.

If I have a page that displays every page on my 1000
page wiki (A), as a viewer I expect that page to take
a while to render.  However, if I am simply trying to
create a list of pages in a particular category, and
this category only has 10 pages in it (B), as a viewer
I will be particularly setback when this page takes a
long time to render.

I believe that your caching efforts could greatly help
in cases like (B) even if they only half the time for
the case (A), they could easily cut the time in the
(B) cases by a lot!


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