[pmwiki-devel] Is 'RightBar' the right name?

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Thu May 24 05:53:59 CDT 2007

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Kathryn Andersen wrote:
> On Thu, May 24, 2007 at 07:59:29PM +1200, Simon wrote:
> I actually use SideBar, RightBar *and* MenuBar in Bonny skin.
> The MenuBar is put in the header section.

At the moment I'm thinking of a two-layered approach. The skin itself would
not contain any text or widgets (ie, no search box).

The skin (called Fixture) would have a header, a footer, a left and a right
sidebar (all optional). It would come with its own wikilib.d holding a set of
FixtureSkin configuration pages.

The skin would include pages from the FixtureSkin group. The header would
display the contents of FixtureSkin.TopBar, The footer would contain the
contents of FixtureSkin.BottomBar, the left sidebar would contain
FixtureSkin.LeftBar and the right sidebar would contain FixtureSkin.RightBar.

By default, each of these bars would add any default text and/or widgets and
include a more semantic page. Thus, by default, FixtureSkin.TopBar would
display the logo, the search box, and Site.MenuBar. Similarly
FixtureSkin.LeftBar would include Site.SideBar along with any styling I decide
to add to it.

The intent is to have something that is highly configurable, even for folks
with little or no knowledge of CSS. (For folks who prefer to work in CSS, I'll
naturally try to make this easy as well.)

If someone wants to remove the 'This is FixtureSkin V1.0' from the footer, or
move the searchbox from the header to the right sidebar, they can do this from
within the wiki by editing the appropriate FixtureSkin pages, and not having
to touch the fixture.tmpl file at all.

At least, that's the plan so far.

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