[pmwiki-devel] Is 'RightBar' the right name?

Simon s-i-m-o-n at paradise.net.nz
Thu May 24 02:59:29 CDT 2007

RightBar is as good as any.
I'm working towards a proposal that PmWiki replace the current template
based wikihead with a 'TopBar'.
I've also use 'MenuBar' in some of my wikis for the right bar (eg
and since the most likely use for a side bar, whether left or right, is
some sort of navigation menu it seems appropriate.


Stirling Westrup wrote:
> I've been thinking of using 'altbar' or 'altsidebar' or some other
> name for
> the sidebar that will (by default) show up on the right side. Does
> anyone else
> have any suggestions?

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