[pmwiki-devel] CSS whiz needed...

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Fri May 18 11:42:03 CDT 2007

The Editor wrote:
> I'm wondering how many of the following are NOT appropriate for the
> following html elements. I've been studying up on this some but can't
> seem to find a list of what style elements can go in what html
> elements...
> p: 'align','border','bottom','class','clear','color','float','height','id','left','letter-spacing','margin','padding','position','right','top','width','z-index'
> span: 'align','border','bottom','class','clear','color','float','height','id','left','letter-spacing','margin','padding','position','right','top','width','z-index'
> div: 'align','border','bottom','class','clear','color','float','height','id','left','letter-spacing','margin','padding','position','right','top','width','z-index'
> Also if I'm missing any key style elements that should be in one of
> these, I'd appreciate it...
> Cheers,
> Dan

Really worth reading a few tutorials on the subject before jumping in. 
Will save you a lot of grief and rewriting. Also get the FireFox 
WebDevelopers toolbar; helps debug a lot.

is one of the shortest and best tutorials for both HTML and CSS. Or 
anything by Eric Meyer.

is a great reference.


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