[pmwiki-devel] Missing Cookbook Entries / Cleanup

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 11:49:01 CDT 2007

The main Cookbook/Cookbook page has several references
to recipes which no longer seem to exist.  I am
considering deleting the following, please either tell
me to go ahead or explain why I shouldn't:

Fox New Page Box      Form to create new pages built 
                      with Input and Fox 
Fox Voting List       Form to create a voting list 
                      built with Input and Fox 
Pear Diff             Using PHP PEAR Diff for merging 
Script-Generated Images - in wiki pages
Disabling WikiWords   How to disable the WikiWords on 
                      an entire site
This Site             Add the InterMap prefix
                      to your site

Unless I hear any objections, I will delete the
following which are missing and listed in the obsolete

InputForms-Original   Create input forms in wiki 
                      pages (out of date & obsolete) 
Simple Image Float    Simple image float right, left 
                      and center with caption 
GettingMarkupArguments  For writing markup that takes 
Change Summary        Record a one-line summary of 
Line Breaks           Honor line breaks (newlines) in
                      the markup text 
Use Common Pages In A Wiki Farm  - like the edit 
Sidebar-style PageList - The default pagelist styles 
                      don't look like what normal 
                      people put in the sidebar. 
                      This one does. 
Code Block            Enhanced code and syntax 
                      highlighting in wiki pages 
                      (superseded by SourceBlock)
Titled Links          Extract the link title from a 
LastChangeSummary     Adds the {$LastChangeSummary} 
                      page variable 
Fast Backlinks        Make Categories pages and other 
                      backlinks lists load
                      significantly faster
Search Index          Make Searchlists and Pagelists 
                      with Fulltext Searchterms load 
                      significantly faster

Again, I am not actually deleting any recipes, just
references to recipes that don't exist.  If for some
reason one of these recipes should exist, speak up so
that someone can find it archived somewhere,


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