[pmwiki-devel] Group management system...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Fri May 4 15:24:48 CDT 2007

Pm, could you or someone explain how a recipe author can tap into
PmWiki's group management system?

Here are some specific questions:

1) When a person logs in, are all group memberships ascertained at
that point and stored as a session variable for future reference, or
checked each time a group membership check is raised.  I'm assuming
the first as it seems more efficient.

2) I plan to have multiple "Group.ChessClub" pages with a simple list
of members on each, one to a line or optionally a list of groups on a
Site.ZAPMemberships page or something, with lines like:  ChessClub:
Bob,Bill,Barbara. The second one seems easier in several
regards--though I like the first.  Do you have a recommendation?

3) Could a recipe simply add values (from whichever source it chooses)
to some kind of PmWiki array so they are checked automatically when
they login?  If so, how?  If not, can it just manually insert those
values into the PmWiki login session variable (ie, via a custom login
form that checks its own sources for membership lists)?

It does't seem hard to do what I want. I just need a bit of guidance
from you which approach you prefer?


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