[pmwiki-devel] page content shows on wrong page

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Wed May 2 10:25:59 CDT 2007

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 04:13:02PM +0100, Hans wrote:
> Wednesday, May 2, 2007, 4:08:01 PM, Patrick wrote:
> > In this case I suspect the skin is using the wrong value
> > of pagename when it generates its headers/footers ... what
> > happens if you try this with the default pmwiki skin?
> see now.
> The page title is okay. The url is script url though,
> so clicking the View link takes you to HomePage.

I think the action= value of the form should be {$PageUrl}
instead of {$ScriptUrl}.  That way if the post fails,
the user is correctly placed on the page that contained
the form and not Main.HomePage.

Remember your question yesterday about why I used
action={$PageUrl} in the form instead of action={$ScriptUrl} ?
This is one reason why.  :-)


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