[pmwiki-devel] page content shows on wrong page

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Wed May 2 07:04:33 CDT 2007

I would like some help to sort out the display of messages.
When the FoxAbort function is called, I get this strange result:

The wiki HomePage is displayed, with url and title, but the page text
is the content of $pagename (the form page, which has the (:messages:)
markup), with the error message.
This is very confusing. Function HandleBrowse shows the right content,
but in the wrong frame, i.e. ScriptUrl wiki HomePage.

The error messaging function in Fox is:

function FoxAbort($pagename, $msg) {
   global $MessagesFmt;
   $MessagesFmt[] = "<h5 class='wikimessage'>$[$msg]</h5>";

This can be called from within other functions to abort proceedings
with an appropriate message, displayed by (:messages:) markup.
    FoxAbort($pagename, "Sorry, page exists already. Please choose another page name. ");

Could someone pease check this and tell me what to do?


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