[pmwiki-devel] mySQL as a DataStore for large pmwiki with lots of blogs

Siegfried Hirsch siegfried.hirsch at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 15:21:20 CST 2007


I have a question regarding pmwiki and using mySQL as a data store. I
have seen some small hints in the cookbook and pmwiki docs, that this
could be done.
I have also found the functions in pmwiki to read and store pages.
(ReadPage and WritePage and some others).

Why would I need this?
I want to setup a pmwiki installation with about 200 users, who will
use the system as their documentation systems. I guess, this would not
be a problem with pmwiki as it is, but there is another part:
every user should have is own blog with pmwiki and they have the need,
that every wiki and blog page can have at least 3 or 4 categories. One
for the blogname, one for the projectname and also some others free
categorie links.
And we think the users will create about 2-4 blog postings
(wiki-pages) every week for the documentation efforts. So we will have
about 40000 pages within one year.

The problem, that I see is with the pagelist and this whole lot a
category links. I would like to put the categories into a mySQL table
and the pmwiki page into another table and an table in between, which
relates pages to categories for fast access and to produce the blog
listings and archives.
There is also the need to provide RSS-Feeds for every blog (of course)
and for every category or mixture of categories.

My questions:
- do you think, mysql is needed or is there another way ?
- i think pagelist is the bottle neck of this system - is this right ?
- how could I speed up pmwiki otherwise ?

sorry for the long posting -  I hope to get some ideas or hints on
this questions.


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