[pmwiki-devel] LinkUrl / LinkTxt question

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Feb 6 07:45:12 CST 2007

Just a quick question (second post)...

Is there any way you can reset how the link text is displayed in a wiki page?

That is, I have the Hg recipe converting the pageurl as desired, and
have it resolving properly as well (almost, see below).  But in two
instances the displayed link text does not match the actual link.

1.  [[Group/Group]] links to Group/HomePage but displays as
Group/Group (ie Group).  Not all bad but could be misleading.
Group.HomePage displaying as Group.Group is a bit more problematic.

2.  [[Group.]] links to Group/HomePage but displays as "Group.".
Again, not terrible but the dot is easy to miss.

Also a new bug. I just noted that while things work fine with
Group.Name, if I use the Group/Name notation in the link, Hg seems to
draw a blank...  No clue what the problem is.  You can see this bug

http://www.fast.st/hgtest/index.php?n=Test/Prefix/Home.  To edit,
double click on page.

Any suggestions for fixing this?  I'm heading out of town (Australia!)
for about 10 days tomorrow and would really like to have this finished
before I leave...


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