[pmwiki-devel] MailForm -> EMailForm

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 12:34:36 CDT 2007

On 8/9/07, Martin Kerz <martin at kerz.org> wrote:
> I packed all the cluttered additions to MailForm together and put it
> in a new package, thus giving up the two seperate recipes MailForm
> _and_ EMailForm and merged it into one.
> If there is consent, it would be nice if EMailForm could be linked to
> from the cookbook page.
> In the meantime I made the MailForm redirect to EMailForm.

I noticed there was a redirect there before. I prefer that you not
redirect. What is preferred is that you "take over" the MailForm
recipe, which is stale. I believe the content in the new EMailForm
page is copied from MailForm, which sounds like unnecessary
duplication. I know you've renamed the functions to avoid conflict
with TellAFriend, but there's no reason _not_ to keep the same recipe
name. The problem is that TAF copied MailForm. I authored a new
version of TAF (which I took over), but I don't recall if I've
published. It appears I've not, which suggests I need to find out what
happened. My TAF effort was to resolve the problem you're resolving.

What I proposed some time back (and ran out of time to support) was
that PmWiki recipe authors create a unified recipe for mailing, then
overlay individual recipes (e.g. MailForm and TellAFriend). Then,
recipes using the unified mailing routine would share. The only push
back I received on this was "what if the shared recipe changes?"

Ben Wilson
"Words are the only thing which will last forever" Churchill

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