[pmwiki-devel] Proposal: "Directives" Registry

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 12:21:18 CDT 2007

On 8/9/07, Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.com> wrote:
> One very nice advantage of the ProcessDirectives() approach is
> that it could replace a large number of core and recipe markup
> rules with a single rule.  Currently the core has about 20
> items in the 'directives' stage of processing -- replacing those
> separate rules with a single rule could substantially improve
> markup processing.
> However, we could easily do this within the MarkupDirective()
> function I've given above, by using something like ProcessDirectives()
> for directives with a $when parameter of 'directives', but
> using the normal Markup() table for everything else.  That
> could be a big win.

Thanks, Patrick. I was scratching my head for a way to limit adverse
impact. I think your response resolves that. If you like, I'll code
the draft this evening and pass it to you. Although, it looks like the
examples are about "there."

Ben Wilson
"Words are the only thing which will last forever" Churchill

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