[pmwiki-devel] Zap does not recognize Input TextArea as valid container for GET data to display

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Dec 21 06:00:12 CST 2006

On 12/21/06, Sivakatirswami <katir at hindu.org> wrote:
> Aloha, Dan:
> I changed the input type for the TODO Description to "textarea"
> (because I needed to control the size and height w/rows and cols)

Unless I'm mistaken, you can put rows/col's in ZAP's textarea markup.

> Now when I go to a TODO page that has data, the text variable
> (:Description: Some ToDo Description:) is not displayed
> The input is indeed saved to the page as expected... e.g.
> http://wiki.hindu.org/zap/index.php?n=TODO-Design.1017
> is an example: This data was properly saved:
> (:Description: option select lists to jump to both pages in a group and
> groups&nbsp;&nbsp;on a wiki.:)
> But: Description: (:input textarea Description "{$Description}" rows=6
> cols=16:)
> does not display it. ZAPDATA does not appear to accept "textarea"
> as a valid container for a page variable {$Description} value
> I think we can consider this a bug and not a "feature"

The (:input textarea:) is a PmWiki markup, not ZAP, and is not yet
able to take default values.  Pm may be introducing that very soon
with the other changes to the forms script he's been doing.

> Also.. why are we getting stuff  like non-breaking spaces?
> "groups&nbsp;&nbsp;on"

That is part of the formatting ZAP uses to make Magic Boxes possible.
The (:keep:) directive undoes all this so you can edit the text box.

> NEW TOPIC: I could also turn the description field into a "magic box"
> Assuming that ZAPDATA considers a magic box to be a valid container for
> display of a page variable value.
> (I saw the docs on that, but an a little hesitant to  start implementing
> anything until we get your upgrade in place.)

The upgrade is finished.  No changes to textareas or magic boxes.

> In  Peace
> Sivakatirswami


PS. I forwarded this on to the devel list for Pm's perusal as he's
currently in the process of redesigning the forms script.

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