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Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Fri Dec 15 11:41:38 CST 2006

On Dec 15, 2006, at 11:46 AM, Ben Stallings wrote:

> Because I'm coming from this different perspective, I didn't see the
> point of your $DBTables array.  I couldn't understand why the function
> needed to look up the names of the tables it was supposed to work  
> with,
> because in my framework the names are part of the function call.
> So now I wonder if maybe the $DBTables array, useful as it is for your
> purposes, is not general enough to need a place in the Database  
> Standard
> but could just be part of the configuration for your recipe(s).

I'm getting pretty lost.  I could read everything 4 times and maybe  
understand what's going on, but mainly I'm being left in the dust.

And so...

What does any of this do with creating a generic standard from which  
databases can share a connection.  We have something generic,  
flexible, and so far it's usable.  There are definite *problems* such  
as the database error never getting to the browser.  Is it fixable?

Once we get into table-level discussions, we're beyond the purpose of  
allowing many recipes to use the same database connections.  That's  
my opinion, and if someone wants to dumb the discussion down into why  
a database standard is mucking around on the table level, I'd like to  
hear about it.

Once we get into dictating *yet more* how database recipe authors are  
going to write their database calls, we've got a serious problem.   
ADOdb is class based and not every recipe author gets classes as it  
is.  I planned on writing up some hints for how to pass and retrieve  
queries for authors.  Anything that complicates that beyond a quick  
ADOdb tutorial, or the tutorial already in the ADOdb documentation is  
not welcome by me.

So, if the dust settles and I can understand what's going on, I'd  
love to help out.  So far, this conversation is pretty far beyond me  
and I can no longer determine if this newer recipe idea would be  
usable by recipe authors.



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