[pmwiki-devel] zap rewrite progress...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Dec 13 13:17:59 CST 2006

On 12/13/06, The Editor <editor at fast.st> wrote:
> On 12/13/06, Ben Stallings <ben at interdependentweb.com> wrote:
> The problem I having now is I'm doing it as a multi-dimensional array
> and I can't seem to unset the session variables...
> I was hoping to just be able to unset $_SESSION[ZAP] and delete
> everything after I extract what I need, but I'm having a devil of a
> time.

Well, I SEEM to have the session variables deleting properly.  I ended
up having to put them in a foreach loop and unset them one at a time.
Is that the way this is normally done?

Now I have another really perplexing problem and I should be back in
debug mode.  Probably something simple...  Here's what I have:

When someone submits a form these lines are called in the zap engine.
Notice ZAParray is global and ZAPsecure( ) is called...

function ZAPengine($ZAPflag = 0) {

   if (! ZAPsecure()) ZAPwarning("You are not authorized to submit
this form. ");
   global $WorkDir, various values, $ZAParray, $ZAPprofiles, $ZAPmodule;
   $m = "Form submitted. ";
   if (!isset($ZAParray['nextpage'])) $ZAParray['nextpage'] = $pagename;
   if (!isset($ZAParray['datapage'])) $ZAParray['datapage'] = $pagename;
... code continues

Now here are some of the lines from ZAPsecure( ).  Again you will
notice ZAParray is global.

function ZAPsecure() {
   global $pagename, $_POST, $ZAParray;
   if(!CondAuth($pagename, "forms")) return "false";
... more code
// print_r($ZAParray);
// die();
   return true;

The strange thing is, when I uncomment the lines in ZAPsecure the
ZAParray variable is exactly what it is supposed to be.  But when I
print them out in the main engine, the values are not transferred
over, and all I get is datapage and nextpage.  Can anyone spot my
glitch or tell what the problem is.  Got to be something little but
I'm about at wit's end!


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