[pmwiki-devel] Question about Forms & Actions

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Mon Dec 11 04:23:54 CST 2006

>        return "(:input form
> action=$ScriptUrl?n=$pagename$u$o:)\n(:input
> hidden action zap:)\n(:input hidden ZAPkey $x:)\n";

I would probably write (but it may be all the same):

return "(:input form $ScriptUrl post:)
        (:input hidden n $pagename$u$o:)
        (:input hidden action zap:)
        (:input hidden ZAPkey $x:)";

PmWiki's (:input :) markup will add the action= and method=
in (:input form ... :)
and add the name= and value= in (:input hidden ... :)

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