[pmwiki-devel] GMI markup call

craige at internetadvisor.ca craige at internetadvisor.ca
Fri Dec 8 17:33:49 CST 2006

>>On Fri, Dec 08, 2006 at 04:53:46PM -0500, Craige Leeder wrote:
>>In the above regular expression, $2 refers to (-location)?
>>and not to (\s.*?)? .  If you want to pass the (\s.*?)? portion
>>to CvtMarkup, you need to use $4 (i.e., it's the fourth open 
>>parenthesis from the left).
>Thanks, I'll try it in a bit when I'm free.

Just to confirm, that did fix the proplem.

- Craige
-- InternetAdvisor.ca

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