[pmwiki-devel] GMI markup call

craige at internetadvisor.ca craige at internetadvisor.ca
Fri Dec 8 16:51:48 CST 2006

>Friday, December 8, 2006, 9:53:46 PM, Craige wrote:
>I got no answer to your regular expression question, but
>what would happen if other text and markup is used between map1 and
>map2? Is that possible? Or would it perhaps be better to add some id
>into the map markup for each map? Just wondering.

It gets output to the wiki. (:gmi:) is simply in charge of calling a star up function, just as (:gmiend:) is in charge of calling a destruct function. It has to do with the handling of headers data throughout the script.

- Craige
-- InternetAdvisor.ca

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