[pmwiki-devel] GMI markup call

Craige Leeder craige at internetadvisor.ca
Fri Dec 8 15:53:46 CST 2006

After working on an addition to the GoogleMapsInterface recipe, it came 
to my attention that my modified markup call does not work as expected 
to. The call is as such:

# Markup() Call
Markup( 'maps', '>[=', '/\(:(map(-location)?|GMI(end)?)(\s.*?)?:\)/ie',
  "CvtMarkup(PSS('$1'), PSS('$2'))" );

I was adding the ability to have multiple maps per page, and had to 
impliment an gmi and gmiend(instead of mapend) markup to aviod errors 
and malfunction. So maps would now be generated like so:

(:map address="..."...:)
(:map-location address="..."...:)

(:map address="..."...:)
(:map-location address="..."...:)

However, the markup call given above does not work. It matches, but $2 
does not contain paramaters. Infact, I just ran a echo test, and found 
it contains '-location' from each map-location call. What would be a 
regular expression to mach the given markup?

- Craige
-- InternetAdvisor.ca

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