[pmwiki-devel] preg dot question...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Dec 7 18:21:32 CST 2006

Ok I've spent literally all day answering ZAP questions, debugging
ZAP, updating documentation, responding to comments, forum comments...
 Yada yada yada.

Finally get around to asking at least one question of my own here,
before I turn in for the night....

I have a pattern matching I'm using for a redirect markup called (:forward:).

It looks like this:

$x = preg_replace('/\(\:forward ([-.\\w]+)\:\)/e', 'Redirect($1)', $x);

It works fine BUT

 when I put (:forward Group.Page:) the value passed to Redirect is
GroupPage.  The dot disappears.  I had this happening before, did a
workaround without every figuring out why it did it, but now I can't
escape it...  Which reminds me, I've also tried escaping the dot with
one and two slashes.  Nothing helps.  Any thoughts?


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