[pmwiki-devel] Getting URL

dso dso at moosoft.com
Mon Dec 4 15:53:26 CST 2006

err, that should be $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"] not REMOTE_HOST


dso wrote:
> What about $_SERVER["REMOTE_HOST"] and $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] and then
> you'd need to add http:// and it should be a full url.  I think :)
> Daniel
> The Editor wrote:
>>> The Editor wrote:
>>>> I'm doing some work in a few new areas I know nothing about.  Again.
>>>> :)  but I'm having fun as I go.  Will write more later perhaps...  But
>>>> have one php question.
>>>> Suppose I call a php script in my browser.  Is there a way to get the
>>>> full url in the script?  It's probably a simple function, but I can't
>>>> find it.  I've looked at get_headers() but it requires the URL as a
>>>> parameter!
>>>> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Caveman
>> On 12/4/06, dso <dso at moosoft.com> wrote:
>>> I think the global variable $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] contains the URL.
>>> Daniel
>> Thanks!  That helps...  But it's only the path to the script, not the
>> domain or anything.  I'd like to be able to dynamically reconstruct
>> the full url without having to set it in a config file.
>> Cheers,
>> Caveman
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